Restorative Family Services will reopen to the public on July 13, 2020

It has been an interesting couple of months with maintaining social distance and social reform. Throughout every step of the way, our team has been here supporting each one of you during the changes we have been faced with. We have been creative in our ability to stay connected, by offering telehealth sessions, using social media to provide encouragement and...[ read more ]

Is Telehealth the Future of Therapy?

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, many therapists have had to quickly pivot and offer their clients online sessions in an effort to help them to continue to make progress while at the same time abide by the social distancing guidelines to flatten the curve.While it seems our country and the rest of the world are slowly opening back...[ read more ]

Chiropractic Care for Mental Health: Adjust Your Body and Mind

According to a study on the Mental Health Facts in America, over 40 million adults in this country face a mental health crisis each year. The most widely known mental health issue may be anxiety disorders, but depression is actually the leading cause of disability globally.Among the most common symptoms of depression are:Fatigue or inability to sleepMuscle tension and stiffnessHeadaches...[ read more ]

Double Income Households: More Money, But More Stress for Some

The economy in this country has been on a downward trajectory for decades now. As inflation has risen and the dollar has lost more of its value and buying power over the years, more households have required both adults to bring in an income. This, of course, means there are very few households that can afford to have a sole...[ read more ]

Is it Safe to Go Back to In-Person Therapy Sessions?

Just a few short months ago, none of us could have imagined how our lives would change at the onset of the Corona Virus. Now, several months into a global pandemic and resulting global quarantine, the world is slowly starting to open back up.But a lot of people wonder how long it will take before things fully return to normal....[ read more ]

Teaching Kids Mindfulness: The Benefits and Easiest Ways to Do It!

“Pay attention!”It’s a phrase that is uttered dozens of times a week (if not more) in households where children between the ages of two and 18 reside. How is it that when they WANT to, oh say when they are playing video games or watching cartoons, kids can have a tremendous attention span. But at any other time, getting them...[ read more ]

Boundary Busting Boot Camp

Thank you for your interest in the Boundary Busting Boot Camp. I have included some details that may assist you in determining if this group is right for you. Individuals enrolled in the RFS Boundaries group will walk away with... Increased Self Confidence Increase Emotional Awareness Increased Assertiveness Healthier Relationship Our methodology of teaching boundaries to individuals includes four pillars...[ read more ]

5 Foods to Keep Your Immune System Strong

As the events of COVID-19 continue to unfold, many of us are focusing on how we can keep ourselves and our families as healthy as possible. While social distancing and increased hand washing can be very effective at stopping the spreading of the Corona virus, it is equally important to keep our immune systems strong.With this in mind, here are...[ read more ]

ALL or Nothing Thinking

All or Nothing thinking is a cognitive distortion in which we perceive others and ourselves in an extreme manner. This type of thinking pattern keeps us emotionally stuck because our perception of others and ourselves are either all good or all bad. Individuals struggling with this type of stinking thinking either see themselves as a complete success or a complete failure....[ read more ]


Let’s discuss the tendency to make assumptions about others or events based on little to no evidence. This type of thinking error usually assumes that an event or situation will turn out badly. Tell- Tell signs of the “Fortune Telling” negative thinking trap. You are a star employee and an opportunity for a promotion has just been promoted. You consider...[ read more ]

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