Therapy for Divorce

When we say the words, “I do,” we never imagine that one day those words will turn into, “It’s over.” But the statistics point to the fact that many marriages do not make it. In fact, the CDC reports that 42% of marriages have a high probability of ending in divorce.Why Should You Consider Therapy for Divorce?When a marriage ends,...[ read more ]

Creating a Parenting Plan

In a perfect world, marriages would never dissolve. But divorce is a reality and one that impacts everyone involved, including the children. To help children feel safe and secure during the weeks and months that follow a divorce, it is important that both parties work together to come up with a co-parenting plan.Keeping Your Children’s Best Interests in MindSimply put,...[ read more ]

Knowing When to End a Relationship

Relationships can enrich our lives, but they can also cause damage. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or significant other, any relationship comes with its share of challenges. And more often than not, putting in the effort to resolve relational issues can and does result in a healthier bond.But there are those relationships that, no matter the amount of work...[ read more ]

The Power of Vulnerability

We live in a society that rewards those with courage and valor. We are taught from a young age that it’s good to face our fears, for doing so is often the catalyst for powerful and lasting change.And yet, how many of us allow ourselves to be vulnerable?Think of the amount of courage it takes to allow yourself to be...[ read more ]

4 Powerful Immunity Boosters

As we continue to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are wondering how we can boost our immune systems. You most likely know you should take more vitamin C, but here are some other ways you can give your immunity a powerful boost:Tackle That StressWhen we’re stressed, our bodies produce stress hormones like cortisol, which weaken our immune...[ read more ]

5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up with Your Therapist

Deciding to work with a therapist is one of the best decisions you can make when dealing with a mental health crisis. Whether you’re experiencing grief from a sudden loss, battling an eating disorder, or want to learn how to better engage with your children, a trained therapist can help you process emotions and offer tools for healthy relationships.But not...[ read more ]

3 Toxic Strategies Manipulators Use to Control Their Victims

The relationships in our lives are supposed to bring us support, comfort, and joy. But if you’ve ever been in a relationship with a manipulative individual, whether that relationship is familial, romantic, or platonic, you know the relationship typically results in stress and anxiety, not joy and comfort.When we’re first in these relationships, we don’t realize the other person is...[ read more ]

3 Types of Common Headaches and How Chiropractic Can Help

There’s almost nothing worse than getting a headache and having it stay put. Just try and get your to-do list accomplished with a constant throbbing, splitting headache. It’s not fun.While all headaches are a real pain, they aren’t all equal. The cause, duration, and intensity of the pain can vary significantly. Also, while some headaches are completely benign, although bothersome,...[ read more ]

Mental Health Habits for 2021

We live in a society that seems obsessed with physical health and weight loss. A majority of people have tried one or more diets to lose weight. People join gyms, juice, and take supplements, all in an effort to optimize their physical health.Sadly, most people don’t give their mental health a second thought.The problem is, no matter how good you...[ read more ]

3 Roadblocks to BIOPC and Mental Health

If you belong to the BIOPC community and suffer from poor mental health, you’re not alone. In the United States, there are over 15 million indigenous people and people of color that report struggling with mental health issues. Sadly, these people often face roadblocks to seeking the help they need.1. It’s Seen as a StigmaVery often people in the BIOPC...[ read more ]

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