The Anxiety Roller Coaster

The Anxiety Roller Coaster

Anxiety can be defined as excessive fear or worry.

The best way to explain anxiety is to compare it to a roller coaster.  Have you ever been on a roller coaster ride?  Recall the slow and methodical climb to the top.  We call that the “escalation” phase.  During this phase, many internal thoughts will take us to apex.  For example, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of performance.  Our brain reacts to these “thoughts” by sending out chemicals for our body to react.  We start to sweat, our heart rate elevates, and things start “moving” fast.  Some people report experiencing sweaty palms, excessive perspiration, and a feeling of uneasiness in their stomachs.  In most cases, there is no real external danger.  You might have heard of this phenomenon referred to as the Flight or Fight response.  You see evolution has conditioned our bodies to react to real danger.  In our hunter-gatherer days, there was a real danger.  Our bodies needed to be primed to react to the wild.  Over time, we have learned to associate these same thought patterns with our own negative perceptions.

It is very important for one to recognize what is happening to them during this escalation phase.  At Restorative Family Services, we specialize in teaching individuals to become more self-aware.  We will teach you various coping techniques that will assist you on your journey towards managing your anxiety. Together, we will help you reach your full potential.

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