Let’s discuss the tendency to make assumptions about others or events based on little to no evidence. This type of thinking error usually assumes that an event or situation will turn out badly.

Tell- Tell signs of the “Fortune Telling” negative thinking trap.

  1. You are a star employee and an opportunity for a promotion has just been promoted. You consider not applying for the position because you assume that you will not get the promotion because there may be more qualified candidates.
  2. You want to ask someone out on a date, but decide not to because you assume they will never be interested in someone like you.
  3. You call a friend and they send your call to voicemail, you assume that they are angry with you.
  4. You may find yourself settling in a toxic relationship because you assume your damaged good and don’t deserve better. “I’m not marriage material…I ‘m too old, I have a lot of baggage.

These negative thinking patterns keep us emotionally stuck and contribute to our anxiety and depression. These thoughts are rooted in poor depiction of ourselves and negative internal dialogue which I discussed in my previous videos.

Now that you are aware of this thinking error, when you begin to slip into that stinking thinking mode I want you to recognize the thinking error and challenge it by asking yourself the following questions?

How to Challenge “Fortune Telling” thinking traps

  1. What evidence do I have that this situation or event will turn out negatively?
  2. What other cognitive distortions (stinking thinking) am I using to support my belief?
  3. Is my stinking thinking testable?
  4. Is this way of thinking helpful (meaning its making mentally strong) or is harmful(making me mentally weak)

In order for us gain coping muscles to deal with all that life throws our way, we have to engage in activities that make us mentally strong and let go of stinking thinking that makes us mentally weak and keeps us emotionally stuck.

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