5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up with Your Therapist


5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up with Your Therapist

Deciding to work with a therapist is one of the best decisions you can make when dealing with a mental health crisis. Whether you’re experiencing grief from a sudden loss, battling an eating disorder, or want to learn how to better engage with your children, a trained therapist can help you process emotions and offer tools for healthy relationships.But not...[ read more ]

3 Toxic Strategies Manipulators Use to Control Their Victims

The relationships in our lives are supposed to bring us support, comfort, and joy. But if you’ve ever been in a relationship with a manipulative individual, whether that relationship is familial, romantic, or platonic, you know the relationship typically results in stress and anxiety, not joy and comfort.When we’re first in these relationships, we don’t realize the other person is...[ read more ]

Finding a Therapist That Accepts Your Insurance

Therapy is a powerful and effective way of helping you manage and alleviate the painful emotional and mental issues you may be dealing with. But it can be challenging to find a therapist that takes your insurance. Usually, it will require a person to do some research and legwork. And that can feel completely overwhelming if you are trying to...[ read more ]

ALL or Nothing Thinking

All or Nothing thinking is a cognitive distortion in which we perceive others and ourselves in an extreme manner. This type of thinking pattern keeps us emotionally stuck because our perception of others and ourselves are either all good or all bad. Individuals struggling with this type of stinking thinking either see themselves as a complete success or a complete failure....[ read more ]


Let’s discuss the tendency to make assumptions about others or events based on little to no evidence. This type of thinking error usually assumes that an event or situation will turn out badly. Tell- Tell signs of the “Fortune Telling” negative thinking trap. You are a star employee and an opportunity for a promotion has just been promoted. You consider...[ read more ]

Stinking Thinking and Negative Thought Traps

Prunella Harris, LCSW- We have been spending a lot of time on increasing our self-awareness of our inner thoughts, in order to increase our emotional intelligence. Today, I want to introduce the concept of “Stinking Thinking”.  “Stinking Thinking” refers to negative thought traps or a negative way of viewing your world which keeps us emotionally stuck.  Stinking Thinking tends to...[ read more ]

Coping with Anxiety

Stress is a normal part of live and in some cases can be very beneficial.  Life is full of everyday stressors; stressors can range from either work, family, finances, or any combination of the three.  Sometimes this stress can cause us to worry.  This worry at times can be just what is needed to kick us into gear.  However, other...[ read more ]

The Anxiety Roller Coaster

Anxiety can be defined as excessive fear or worry. The best way to explain anxiety is to compare it to a roller coaster.  Have you ever been on a roller coaster ride?  Recall the slow and methodical climb to the top.  We call that the “escalation” phase.  During this phase, many internal thoughts will take us to apex.  For example, fear...[ read more ]


This video discusses the topic of self-concept.  A person’s self-concept is the belief that you have about yourself.  Specifically, what you value, who you are as a person and what you stand for.  The reason Self-concept is so important is that if we have a good relationship with ourselves, we can then have a better relationship with others.  It all...[ read more ]

Tips for Choosing the right Mental Health Therapist for you.

Below are some preliminary questions you should ask when speaking with a Mental Health Therapist.     What is your educational background?     Are you licensed in the state where treatment will be provided?     Tell your Therapist a little about the issues causing your emotional and behavioral distress, and ask them if they have experience working with individuals...[ read more ]