Boundary Busting Boot Camp

Boundary Busting Boot Camp

Thank you for your interest in the Boundary Busting Boot Camp. I have included some details that may assist you in determining if this group is right for you. Individuals enrolled in the RFS Boundaries group will walk away with…

  • Increased Self Confidence
  • Increase Emotional Awareness
  • Increased Assertiveness
  • Healthier Relationship

Our methodology of teaching boundaries to individuals includes four pillars of boundary setting; self-confidence, emotional awareness, communication, and accountability.

Pillars for Boundaries

  • Self Confidence– healthy boundaries improve your self-confidence
  • Emotional Awareness– When you have healthy boundaries, you are more self-aware and aware of your emotional needs.
  • Communication:  When you have healthy boundaries you can assertively inform others of what you expect of them without anxiety.
  • Accountability- Healthy boundaries mean that you are prepared to hold others accountable for violating your boundaries. A boundary is useless unless we are willing to have consequences for those who violate them.  Holding ourselves accountable to act in the event our boundaries are violated. Protecting your boundary is key.

This group spans across six weeks of teaching lessons in self-care, shame-based thinking, toxic relationships, establishing healthy boundaries and techniques on how to enforce them. 

6-Week Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction to Boundary & Self Care
Week 2: Stinking Thinking-Shame Based Thinking
Week3 Toxic Relationships
Week 4: Setting Healthy Boundaries
Week 4: How to Respond vs. React to Boundary Violations
Week 6: Exit with Grace- Responding to Boundary Violators

Register:: Visit website and complete Contact Us Form
Location: Virtual Group. The link will be sent to individuals registered.
Cost: Group costs $40 per person per session and some insurance plans accepted.
Space is limited. 20 slots available for the group.
Time: Thursdays at 8:00 pm.  Start date June 4, 2020.
Frequency: Weekly group for 6 weeks.
Duration: 60-minute sessions.

This group is a virtual group held on a secure HIPAA compliant platform.

I hope to see you in the room.

Prunella Harris, LCSW
CEO & Founder


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